Coin Clues

At first glance, I thought this workbook was going to be solely about learning coin values. Turns out, it's more a book of logic puzzles with a money theme. Students will still learn the value of coins as they tackle these challenging puzzles, but many of the brain-teasers will require logic more than money knowledge. Each book is composed of over 100 puzzles to solve. Puzzles require students to line coins up in a certain order, based on 2-5 clues given. An example of a simple puzzle from the Level A book: Use 1 penny, 1 nickel, and 1 quarter. The 25 cent coin is not first. The 1 cent coin is in the middle. That's it! Puzzles use anywhere from 3 to 6 coins and get progressively more difficult as each book progresses. Level A is simpler than Level B, as it only uses pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters (no half-dollars) and has simpler puzzles. Level B is a bit tougher not just because it throws a half-dollar into the mix, but because some extra elements are added to the puzzles. The first section is pretty similar to level A, but then the second gives clues for puzzles that allow for two solutions. It also prompts students to create their own clues specific to each combination. The third section has all the clues needed to solve the puzzle - plus a few that aren't! Students solve them, then pick out the unnecessary clues. Making Change is also more advanced, using all coin values as well. The puzzles in both books are fairly challenging, fun, and help students become more comfortable with coin value. Answers are included in the back of each book. A neat additional feature is that a special cardstock page is included, which has realistic-looking coins on it for solving the puzzles! With challenging logic puzzles and a unique way to learn about money values, these books will make a great supplement. By Evelyn B. Christensen, reproducible for classroom use, 48 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

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