Time Math Activity Books

If the concept of time seems to have your student at a stand-still, maybe focused practice would be helpful. Book 1 in this series develops skills in the areas of time on the hour and half hour, passing of time, timing activities, time problems related to days/weeks/months, calendar work, and digital time. In addition to the topics found in book 1, book 2 also includes time to the nearest five minutes and 1 minute and the 24 hour clock. Book 3 goes on to include time to the nearest second, stopwatch activities, changing times, converting time with a calculator, train timetables, world times, a survey of time, and time in Ancient Egypt. This series offers plenty of practice with short concept presentations, tests, a checklist of skills, and a progress chart for multiple children. The Teacher Edition is identical to the student workbook but includes an answer key at the back of the book. Permission is granted to the purchaser to make copies for multiple children. If time isn't clicking for your student or you just need more practice, this series will get the clock ticking for you. ~ Donna

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