My Path to Math Series

A new way to teach math concepts can keep education fun and interesting. This series of 'guided reading level' math readers can liven up any curriculum. The books in this series are leveled 1 through 3 for their reading grade level. Level 1 readers are appropriate for a reading level of K and 1, Level 2 at a reading level of 2, and Level 3 at a 3rd grade reading level - all 3 levels include topics of interest for grades K through 3. 24-page books include full color pictures and illustrations, and a glossary and index at the back. For each concept there is a two-page spread - the first page offers a short real-life vignette to demonstrate the concept and the second page gives a visual to illustrate the concept. An example from the book Fractions reads like this: "Mom serves the salad at last! She fills three bowls with the same amount. What is that fraction? Think about what you learned. She makes three equal parts. She makes thirds. If I get one bowl, I get 1/3. Yum!" This concept is accompanied by photos of 3 bowls of salad and a photo of mom and two little ones eating salad and a question asking them to think further. The activity for this concept invites children to think a little further and asks what fraction it would be if mom used 4 bowls. Activity boxes are included alongside some of the concepts which allow students to demonstrate their understanding or expand on the concept. Each softcover, non-consumable, 8 ½ x 11 inch reader offers friendly, inviting explanations of math concepts. Use them to introduce math concepts to your young ones or to enhance your curriculum. Either way, they are an enjoyable addition to your math lessons. ~ Donna

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