Poke-A-Dot Board Books

The most satisfying book ever! Just like the full-size Poke-a-Dot books you know and love, the Poke-a-Dot Board Books feature mesmerizing popping plastic buttons. The simplified version features one button on each page. From simple concepts like shapes and colors, these basic picture books encourage hands-on interaction with pages. Each page features a picture, 1-2 poppers, and 1-2 words. Explore the enthralling snaping sound of the Pop-A-Tronic™ technology. The plastic dots are made of sturdy plastic that pushes in quietly from the front side and makes a loud popping sound (similar to an intense bubble-wrap popping sound) from the back side. The board book series measures 6” x 6” and features thick cardboard pages. Ten total pages, hc. ~Sarah E

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