Sequential Spelling DVD-ROMs & DVD Packages

Now there's an audio/visual version of the successful spelling methodology that combines Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Oral (AVKO). Presentation is simple and straight-forward. As students work through the daily lesson, they first hear the word spoken (clearly) by itself and then in a sentence context, then spoken again. The student says and writes the word (using the Pause button). When the word reappears on the screen, he checks and corrects his work. At the end of the lesson, the parent/teacher/adult is to check all the student's corrections. The word-family aspect of the program is reinforced by the color-coding of the presented words. Word families are one color; suffixes another; prefixes yet another; and consonant clusters another. For ease in checking, the word lists can be viewed as a complete list. Daily word lists are identical to those in the booklet form of the program. Although significantly pricier than the original program, there are distinct advantages to this approach. The student can work somewhat independently and the parent/teacher becomes more of an administrator. However, you will lose a little of the kinesthetic aspect of the program unless the student is also writing words on a white board with colored markers as well as on the "test" paper. Like the booklet version, the DVD-ROM version, which can only be played on a computer (not a DVD player or TV), can be used with either a Student Response Book or plain notebook paper. DVD-ROM is PC and Mac compatible, (also iPOD, iPad, and Android compatible). ~ Janice

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