Traits of Good Writing

Whether we like it or not, we are all affected by good writing, but do we know how to teach our children to write effectively? Use of these books will go a long way towards that end. Several activities (reproducible for a classroom - or print pages from the PDFs provided on the accompanying CD-ROM) are provided for each of the following seven traits of good writing: ideas (clear, understandable main theme), organization (skeletal support and connections), voice (personality presence), word choice (vivid, colorful, and dynamic), sentence fluency (rhythm and flow), conventions (a.k.a. mechanics), and presentation (incorporating visual material). Each grade-appropriate activity includes detailed lesson plans and use of high-interest stories from Time for Kids with a bite-size, manageable focus as well as publication ideas and extension activities. For instance, in the sentence fluency activity about writing with alliteration (Grade 4 book), a story about finding a big bad bird is followed by brainstorming words beginning with each of six letters, followed by an exercise where the student creates his own historic headlines (Unstable Mountain Forcefully Erupts onVenus substituting word choices from a word bank that includes "volatile," "volcano," and "violently"). Where helpful, a complete answer key is provided in the back. If you're concerned about state-mandated writing assessments, you can relax. This series is aligned to state standards. ~ Janice

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