LeapFrog Tag Reading System

This popular, award-winning electronic device provides hours of fun for kids while also teaching them to enjoy reading and improving their reading and vocabulary skills. In case you haven't seen the commercials, the Tag Reader from LeapFrog is basically a device that's shaped and used like a large pen. The pen has surprisingly high-quality speakers that read the sounds from the book when the student presses the tip to the pages. The Reader says any word in the book when the student touches it with the tip, but that's not all- you can touch almost anywhere on the pages and the Reader will respond with music, sound effects, phrases, or other fun activities that are clearly identified on the pages. The fun noises and extra activities in every book keep things interesting and the word-by-word reading feature is perfect for kids who love to read but may get frustrated when they come across a difficult word. Readers come in green and pink and have adjustable volume control. Please note that you can't use the Tag Reader on any regular book - you must purchase special books, which look and feel like normal hardcover picture books but are embedded with data that corresponded to the Reader. There are dozens of Tag Reader books currently available (with more added all the time) and various other materials like game books as well. We offer a sampling of the Tag formatted books at this time and may add more if there's an interest. One Tag activity book comes with the Reader, and other books can be ordered separately. A USB cable is included with the Reader. Please note that you will need an Internet connection to download the audio for the books to make the Reader work (besides the book that is included with the Reader - that one is pre-loaded into the device). Downloading the books online is a simple process, similar to downloading music to a player. Downloading audio is free (and the Reader can hold up to 10 at one time with its 32MB memory) but you have to purchase the books individually or the downloads are useless. Tag Readers run on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Additional note: The Tag Reader works with the Tag Jr. books (board books designed use with with the Tag Junior Book Pal) but does not read individual words, just whole pages. However, the Tag Junior Book Pal (similar to the Tag Reader but for younger hands) cannot read the regular Tag books. ~ Rachel

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