Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction

This series allows students to test their reading comprehension of fiction and nonfiction passages. Each unit presents two related reading passages, one fiction and one nonfiction. Both selections in the unit are on the same topic (and complement each other), but the fact that one passage is fiction and the other nonfiction helps students practice critical reading skills including comparing/contrasting, connecting fiction and nonfiction, analyzing story elements, separating sequence and details from the two passages, and synthesizing information. Each reading pair is followed by two worksheets. One worksheet consists of multiple-choice questions that test reading comprehension, while the other worksheet consists of a combination of fill-in-the-blank, short answer, sequencing, and writing prompts. A total of 25 paired passage units cover a range of topics across a variety of subjects such as science, history, literature, biographies, sports, animals and more. A bibliography, bubble answer sheet template, and answers are included. Reproducible. 112 pgs. Now correlated to the Common Core standards. ~ Lisa

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