Life Skills Math

This user-friendly series will help your high school student prepare for “adulting” in real life. The practical topics are up to date as far as technology, and yet, you will still learn how to write a check. Instruction is clear, with a few illustrations here and there, followed by questions to complete. Here are some topics covered in each book. Credit Cards: deciding if a CC is a good idea for you, the application process, credit limits, minimum payments, interest, etc. Budget: income vs. expenses, prioritizing, cost of college, family vs. individual, small business, etc. Bank Account: checking/savings accounts, debit cards, online banking, banking apps, recording transactions, auto-pay, reading a bank statement, etc. Bargain: grocery shopping, sales, major purchases, clothing, services, travel, etc. Checkbook: writing them (even for the current/next generation - they should at least know what a check is, right?), recording transactions, and balancing a bank statement. If a student completes all 5 consumable workbooks, this course work would likely earn a half-credit in consumer math, or as a personal finance elective. Answers are in the back. Reproducible for a single classroom/family use. 8.5”x11”, 62 pgs, pb. ~Sara

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Grades: 4-12
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