Put 'em Together Sticker Stories

If you're scanning our products for a sticker book that your child will love, pay close attention to this splendidly written description. Like many sticker activity books, these include colorful scenes for kids to place the stickers. There are eight 2-page scenes in each book, along with 100 stickers. The unique thing about these books is that the stickers are made out of vinyl. They stick to the glossy pages more like window clings than typical stickers, so they're easy to place and remove over and over again. The scenes in the books are very colorful and fun, as are the stickers, which are random pieces (dinosaur body parts or parts of a car) that kids can piece together to construct truly unique creations. With the fun backgrounds and unique vinyl stickers, kids will get endless enjoyment from creating scenes and telling stories. Each book measures 8.5" x 11", by Mark Shulman, 16 pgs plus stickers, pb. ~Rachel

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