Princess and the Kiss

On the day the princess was born, her parents received a special gift from God for her - her first kiss. Her parents keep it safe for her until she is grown, and then they give it to her, warning her to choose wisely who is to receive her precious gift, should she choose to give it. She has many suitors who come, wishing for her hand in marriage, but none seem worthy of her kiss. The princess has to exercise wisdom and patience in this beautifully illustrated story about purity for girls. Please note there is a companion book called Squire and the Scroll for young boys.

If you'd like to go into a little more depth with your daughters after reading the Princess and the Kiss, then consider using Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss. The guide is divided into 21 life lessons covering God's love, being unique, your special gift, the most precious gift, growing up, guarding your purity, wisdom, pride, obedience to God and more. Each lesson consists of a short passage about the topic; a "princess prayer" related to the topic of the lesson; a creative focus section with ideas for drawing, journaling, activities, etc.; discussion questions from the book; a Bible verse; and hints for parents. A princess ceremony is also included which can be done individually or with a group of girls and their parents to celebrate completion. The well-loved, purity-encouraging Princess & the Kiss storybook is now included with a read-along CD in the 10th Anniversary Edition. ~ Megan

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