Natural Science Mysteries (Grade 8)

The 8th grade course is set up much like the 7th grade course, but with even more science topics covered. Like Basic Science Mysteries, each day's lesson begins with a piece of a fictional mystery that ties in with the science topic for the lesson. Lessons at this level are a bit longer, typically 3 or more pages in length. Concepts from life science, earth and space science, and physical science are all incorporated, with a mix of topics in each text. Some topics covered in this course include: the animal kingdom, cell structure and function, plant kingdoms, plant reproduction, diffusion and osmosis, edible and non-edible plant parts, the earth's atmosphere, climate zones, states of matter, liquid and weight measurements, atomic theory, the Periodic Table, chemical families, covalent and atomic bonds, acids and bases, element symbols and numbers, pitch and sound, reflection and refraction, lenses, solar cells, batteries, place value and exponents. The texts are available either in printed format or all on one CD-ROM in PDF format. The full course kit contains printed texts, printed activity books, and the printed and CD-ROM formats of the Teacher's Resource Kit. Jess

Natural Science Mysteries as an eighth-grade course, these texts cover Earth and life sciences, plus studies on the Periodic Table of the Elements and the solar system. Each scientific concept is enhanced by adventure vignettes in which young people help solve community mysteries by applying the scientific method of discovery and character traits of integrity, honesty, commitment, diligence, and kindness. Students learn how virtues and personal responsibility upgrade moral character. The narrative, high-interest approach of this series engages students so they progress through comprehensive scientific material with clarity and engagement. Students are exposed to scientific evidence which explores traditional and contemporary theories about the origin of life and the formation of our planet and universe. Texts allow the student to evaluate theories from a scientific and rational perspective. Companion Activities "walk the student" through the text in chronological order. Selected questions in Activities also serve as preparation for state academic assessment exams. Activities are applicable in homes, classrooms, or in individualized learning centers in which students progress through the course with interest, understanding, and content mastery.

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