Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a reading program for grades K-6 that incorporates games and videos to make learning fun. There are four levels of the program - Reading Eggs Junior (First Steps) for 2 to 4 year olds, Reading Eggs (Ready for School) for 4 and 5 year olds, Reading Eggs (Practice Makes Perfect) for 6 and 7 year olds, and Reading Eggspress (Reading for Meaning) for 7 to 13 year olds.

First Steps includes games, videos, and books that work to build pre-reading skills. Ready for School includes phonics and sight words and develops important reading skills. Practice Makes Perfect incorporates spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. Reading for Meaning offers more lessons on comprehension, live games, and an online library. All four levels offer additional activities to keep the learning fun. There is one printed workbook for each level of the program K-6 and readers that correspond to the online lessons.

There are two book packs, for use with the Ready for School and Practice Makes Perfect levels.  Book Pack 1 includes reading books that match up with the first 40 lessons of Reading Eggs, 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 activity books, and flashcards. Book Pack 2 corresponds to lessons 41-80 and includes reading books, 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 activity books, and flashcards. You can purchase both sets together if you know you'll be doing both levels.

When you purchase your online subscription for the lessons, you will be sent an e-mail the next business day with your activation information. Set up your account by adding the student information (subscription is for one child), and you're on your way. The online subscription offers reward games, progress tracking, printable worksheets (same as the workbook pages), and online books, and it also offers access to apps that can be loaded onto your tablet for play anywhere.

This program is an award-winning, research-based phonics and reading program that will be sure to engage and teach your readers.

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