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Do you feel that your literature studies could use a pick-me-up - especially for your not-so-fond-of-reading auditory learner? Check out these Study Guide DVDs. Cogent summaries and in-depth analysis incorporating historical setting, author information, comprehension, and literary analysis, coupled with short quizzes mean these are solid literature guides. The audio-visual presentation (albeit not glitzy and maybe even a bit dated) is still professionally done utilizing a well-voiced actor and a straight-forward delivery. The organizational structure is simple. The book or play is covered by short segments (chapters in books; scenes in plays). Events in the section are summarized in casual lecture style with animations incorporating stylized artwork and visual "notes" provided. Then analysis - both of events and literary aspects - is provided followed by a short pop quiz that reviews the basic information. Quizzes, by the way, are presented orally and in written form (on the screen). Questions are multiple choice. A short time for answering is allowed and then the answer is given. Navigation between the scenes/chapters and the summaries, analysis, and quizzes is easy.

Designed to be used as companions to reading the literary selection, the actual literary text is not provided except as illustrative quotes. Also, it should be noted that nothing from the DVD is printable. However, there are two Bonus Features available at the end of the DVD: character descriptions of three major characters (lecture format) and a slideshow of the stylized artwork. ~ Janice

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