Word on the Street Game

Are you ready for some fast and furious word play? Then fold out the interstate-like game board and let's go! The board has two 2-lane streets with a grassy median in the middle. The seventeen concrete-like letter tiles start in the median; these include most of the consonants in the alphabet minus rarer ones like 'Q' and 'Z.' To begin, split up into teams, set up the letters, and decide if you want to use the regular or challenging category cards. Teams take turns playing, or being "on the street." The team "on the street" pulls a category card and reads it aloud while the opposing team stats the timer. Category cards include phrases like "part of a table setting" (easier) or "something with a bell" (more challenging). While the sand drops through the 30-second timer, the team brainstorms words that fit the category, picks one, spells it out and moves the matching letters on the board - all in 30 seconds! Let's say the team "on the street" decided on 'napkin.' They would move 'N,' 'P,' 'K,' and then move 'N' again! Now the 'N' tile is one move away from leaving the street, and the opposing team will want to try to pull that 'N' back towards them on the next turn! The stakes get higher as both teams race to be the first to collect 8 letter tiles. Unique, fast-paced, and fun, this is great for multi-age teams on family game night or even for spelling practice!

Younger players could also enjoy the original game, if teamed up with older, patient players or with an older "referee" - or they can enjoy the Junior version. The Junior version features broader categories (like "an animal with fur" or "something people drink" and all 26 letters are in play (vs. 17 letters in the original version). 2-8 players. - Jess

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