Rainbow Curriculum Starter Packages

"I need your 7th grade curriculum package." How often we've heard similar pleas, but didn't have a package option to offer. Now we do! With the new homeschooler in mind, we wanted them to be easy to jump into and get started. They are! We also wanted them to be solid and strong in academics. They are! And we wanted them to utilize a variety of homeschooling products, so you would have a better idea of what works well for you and your students. They do! Can you tell we're just a bit excited about these packages? They include products we have used in our own schooling. They include products that have a proven track record in terms of success. They include products that are effective with a variety of learning styles. New for 2020, we are offering four packages at each grade level, one that includes items with a Christian perspective, one that includes secular or neutral options, an "economy" package with budget curriculum choices and a standards-based set of curriculum. Getting started - and starting strong - has never been easier.

Complete reviews of included products are found in their appropriate sections of the catalog, but we'll give you the highlights here.

Math for the Christian content starter set is Saxon Math, which has been the homeschooler's good friend for over twenty years. Known for its thoroughness and comprehensive coverage of math topics, Saxon takes an incremental approach and builds in much review and repetition. In the primary grades (K-3), it is manipulative-based and scripted (the teaching words are provided in a "script"). This means little preparation for the teacher - just open the teacher's manual and start reading through the lesson. The lessons encourage teacher-student interaction and you can expect them to take 30 - 45 min. You will need specific manipulatives to complete the course and we offer manipulative kits as required resources with each grade level. At the middle school level and higher, Saxon encourages the student to work more independently by addressing all instruction directly to the student. At the 8th grade level you can choose either a starter set with pre-algebra or an "upgrade" which includes Algebra 1. Our sets include texts, solutions manuals, answer keys, and tests.

Language Arts are covered by a variety of products.

At grades K-2, we've included All About Reading, a multisensory phonics and reading program that also covers fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. All About Reading utilizes letter tile magnets, games and engaging readers for a reading program that is fun and engaging for most students. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting is also included, as is Spectrum Writing at grades 1 and 2. For grades 4 - 6, we've chosen to include the Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL) courses plus editing and spelling supplements. LLATL integrates all aspects of language arts instruction - composition, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary - with quality excerpts and book studies from classic children's literature. Books required for the course are included, and the answers are in the Teacher's Manuals. Easy Grammar for grades 4 and 5 provide easy to use grammar instruction. At grade 6-8, we've included Essentials in Writing, a video-based writing and grammar program. Spelling Workout is a phonics-based weekly-list spelling program. Since answers are fairly predictable, we have not included Teacher's Manuals in the sets - purchase additionally, if desired.

For Science from a Christian perspective, Apologia products are hard to beat. With a line of products from K to 12, all facets of science are covered in a manner easy to implement in a homeschool setting, yet the student will be well prepared for college level work in the sciences after graduation. Known for home-friendly experiments (most "ingredients" are household items) and interesting textual information, these courses are a favorite of seasoned homeschoolers. Our sets include the textbook, a solutions manual, and a set of tests for each grade-level course.

For History, the popular Story of the World series is the backbone of the package for grades 2-5. Over four volumes, author Susan Wise Bauer presents history in a story-like format in bite-sized chunks appropriate for one sitting. Accompanying activity book adds review questions, supplemental reading suggestions, map activities, coloring pages, and project suggestions. Three offerings from the Notgrass family focus on history in grades 6, 7, and 8. Good readability, daily lesson plans, Bible study, map and timeline study, extensive reading lists, and even creative writing and suggestions for family activities are included in these courses.

As you progress in your homeschool experience, you will get a better feel for the types of materials that work best for you and your students. But for now, our main goal in putting together these sets is to make it easy for you to get started. We want you to be able to Homeschool with Confidence! ~ Janice

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Grades: K
Retail: $150.50
Our Price: $99.95
Item # RBW1EC
Grades: 1
Retail: $191.19
Our Price: $140.00
Item # RBW2EC
Grades: 2
Retail: $199.89
Our Price: $149.95
Item # RBW3EC
Grades: 3
Retail: $169.24
Our Price: $129.00
Item # RBW4EC
Grades: 4
Retail: $138.43
Our Price: $105.00
Item # RBW5EC
Grades: 5
Retail: $152.18
Our Price: $116.00
Item # RBW6EC
Grades: 6
Retail: $157.48
Our Price: $120.00
Item # RBW7EC
Grades: 7
Retail: $152.04
Our Price: $118.00
Item # RBW8EC
Grades: 8
Retail: $174.24
Our Price: $149.95
Grades: K
Retail: $388.77
Our Price: $325.00
Item # RBW1ST
Grades: 1
Retail: $571.83
Our Price: $442.00
Item # RBW2ND
Grades: 2
Retail: $572.34
Our Price: $435.00
Item # RBW3RD
Grades: 3
Retail: $523.52
Our Price: $375.00
Item # RBW4TH
Grades: 4
Retail: $433.63
Our Price: $299.00
Item # RBW5TH
Grades: 5
Retail: $439.63
Our Price: $302.00
Item # RBW6TH
Grades: 6
Retail: $576.80
Our Price: $440.00
Item # RBW7TH
Grades: 7
Retail: $505.01
Our Price: $385.00
Item # RBW8TH
Grades: 8
Retail: $587.64
Our Price: $440.00
Item # RBW8UP
Grades: 8
Retail: $598.74
Our Price: $450.00
Grades: K
Retail: $430.89
Our Price: $350.00
Item # RBW1SP
Grades: 1
Retail: $569.82
Our Price: $445.00
Item # RBW2SP
Grades: 2
Retail: $598.48
Our Price: $465.00
Item # RBW3SP
Grades: 3
Retail: $586.42
Our Price: $390.00
Item # RBW4SP
Grades: 4
Retail: $539.60
Our Price: $385.00
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