Think-ets are educational, fun-filled games using tiny treasures from around the world. These games are intended for use at home, travel, parties, storytelling, and camping to improve memory, stimulate your imagination, and increase brain power. When my kids were young, we played a game where I would put kitchen utensils out on a tray, everyone would look at the tray and memorize the items, then I would take one item away and they would guess what was missing. That is one variation of the way you can play this miniature version of the game. The possibilities for games are endless. These tiny trinkets range in size from about ½ inch to 1 inch and each little pouch contains a slightly different assortment of objects. No two games are exactly alike but may contain some of the same items. Some of the items may be a tiny pink pig, a golden goblet, milk bottle, a block with a letter on it, or a jack--you just don't know what you will get! Trade them, use them to tell stories, or make up your own game with your Think-et trinkets. - Donna

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