Purposeful Design Science Elementary 2nd Ed.

The title of this series comes from the idea that God’s design of creation was on purpose; that theme is reflected throughout the lessons as each chapter brings together the wonders of God’s world and a Biblical worldview. This series was developed to guide students through investigating, observing and thinking about the world around them. Children are naturally curious, and this course uses activities that will capitalize on that curiosity to help them learn.

Every level provides an overview of life science, physical science, earth and space, and the human body. The Teacher Edition for each level includes an overview of the curriculum, standards and content that are met by the curriculum, a worldview statement, a suggested teaching schedule, components of the course with explanation, suggested instructional approach, suggestions for teaching each chapter, and suggested use of assessments. Step-by-step explanation for lesson preparation is a helpful tool, along with an illustrated example of scientific inquiry.

The course is divided into four units (life, physical, earth/space, human body); then subdivided into chapters and lessons. In the Teacher Edition each chapter begins with key ideas, a list of major ideas for that chapter, and a section on chapter preparation that includes vocabulary, an introduction to the topic, and a summation for each lesson in that chapter. A list of supplemental materials is also included in this section and shows what should be printed from the Teacher Resources such as blackline masters, transparency masters, and computer presentations. There are also chapter tests, reviews, informational reproducibles and much more. [These resources downloaded through an included url link.] Each lesson then includes the objective, materials specific to that lesson, any necessary preparation, introductory materials, and directed instruction. Small format pictures of the corresponding student pages are shown at the end of each 2-page lesson. An extension activity is included in each lesson to further reinforce learning. Answers for the science notebook pages for grades 4-6 are at the end of each chapter. The last lesson of each chapter is review. A glossary lists the highlighted vocabulary words from each chapter, and they are cross-referenced with the lesson and page number where they are found.

The Teacher Edition E-Book is a one year subscription to all the online Teacher Resources plus a pdf version of the TE.

Student Texts are in two different forms. For Grades 1-3, they are softcover, full-color, and consumable (not reproducible) and each chapter is a tear-out (perforated pages) booklet. Information on each topic is presented with new words highlighted and illustrations and pictures to appeal to the visual learner. Print is larger and easier to read for young eyes. Activities are scattered throughout the chapters. Chapter and vocabulary reviews finish out the chapter.

Student texts for Grades 4-6 are bright, colorful, hardcover books that present the information; a separate softcover, consumable Science Notebook is used for written activities. In the Field, Quick Fact, Outlook, and Links are found throughout the chapters in the student text and provide the student with opportunities for expansion on the topic. The science notebook provides hands-on activities with application of the concepts being learned. Sometimes the blacklines and transparencies (found on the resource cd) are used with the science notebook pages.

I really like this science program. The information is thorough and presented in an age appropriate manner. The color pictures and illustrations really capture the reader’s attention. The booklets in levels 1-3 aren’t overwhelming to a child. With the revisions that have been made in this 2nd edition, the course seems more manageable for homeschool use. ~ Donna

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