Progressive Pianist

Updated and revised from the original, this solid program is now even easier to use. The Progressive Pianist is a thorough and complete course for the beginning pianist. In clear and easy-to-understand lessons, children learn how to read and write notes, sharps, flats, and natural signs and also learn about ties, slurs, phrases, rests, note counting, chromatic and diatonic half steps and much more. Each new concept is thoroughly covered so children not only can play music, but so they understand musical theory. The author has composed the performance pieces in each lesson, which reinforce the concepts students have learned. The pieces are often about home, family, good character traits, schoolwork, and so on. There are also exercises for the student to complete, thus making the book consumable. Other pluses are the spiral binding (so the book stays open and flat) and the large, crisp printing for easier reading. So what has changed since the original? Most noticeably, each level is now contained in a single book rather than having separate pieces. The answer key is included right in the back of the student book, and instead of having cassettes with the books the music tracks can be downloaded from a website. This course is pretty self-explanatory for older students, and the instructions and information are straightforward and easy-to-read, so parents don't have to be "musical" to use this course successfully with their children. With musical concepts, theory, practice pieces, and finger exercises all included in single books of easy-to-use lessons, this course will take students from beginner to proficient. ~ Melissa

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