The ShrinkyDinks Book (Klutz)

Everyone loves making shrinky dinks, which you can color and cut out special plastic and shrink it to about a third of the original size in the oven (in about 5 minutes) to make all kinds of artwork, magnets, key chains, jewelry, and more. This book from Klutz will show you all you need to know about the process and also give an impressive number of creating ideas. The book includes six clear sheets of shrinky dinks plastic, lots of tips, and tons of ready-to-trace and color designs so you can start creating right away. The book provides a great way to get started or get more professional with shrinky dinks. Also available is an Extra Stuff package, which includes five 8" x 10" sheets of shrinky dinks plastic so you can create even more items. Young and old alike will enjoy creating and baking with shrinky dinks.

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