Master's Biology

Strong enough to be college prep, this high school course takes an average of 5 hours a week. Everything you need (except lab supplies) can be found in the Student Text and Teacher Guide. Dr. Dennis Englin, the author of Master Books Chemistry , makes this Christian worldview Biology course understandable, yet comprehensive, beginning with the basics. Students will first learn about water, then carbohydrates and lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Then building on this knowledge, students learn about cells, cell membranes and nucleus, movement through cell membranes, cell organelles, and cell division. After learning about the cellular and molecular level of life, students are now ready to go bigger with a wide variety of topics from ecosystems to human origins. With 28 total chapters, this is a one-year, one full credit high school course.

Student Text pages are visually appealing and not overcrowded. Colorful pictures, photos, and illustrations enhance the learning and hold interest. I love the logical course layout. Dr. Englin begins with an explanation of the chemical principles of biology. Understanding the basics of chemistry will help students better understand the foundation of living things, since all things are made of atoms. Every chapter begins by listing objectives. Chapters are divided into bite-size chunks of information with vocabulary words highlighted. Bible verses are also found throughout the text, using the NKJV. Chapters include labs with lists of required materials, explanation, and step-by-step procedures There are microscope and dissection labs. Lab materials may not be readily available but can be ordered from a science supplier. The Lab materials list is found in the Teacher Guide, but you can also call us and we can send the list to you before purchasing the course.

The Teacher Guide is useful for implementing this course. It includes a course description;a page of teacher instructions for the course labs; quizzes; and exams; lab supply list; sample lab report; grading sheet and a daily schedule for both semesters (18 weeks per semester, 36 total weeks); answer keys for lab reports/worksheets/quizzes/exams; and student lab pages; worksheets; quizzes; and exams that are reproducible for family use. The top of each student worksheet page is labeled with the topic, the day number, the lesson number, whether it’s a worksheet or lab page, and a place for the student name. Worksheets are fill-in-the-blank questions based on the lesson’s reading. For each lab there is a sheet of lab instructions and a place to take notes and a lab report page. Quizzes are matching and/or multiple choice, and the exams are all matching questions (8 exams total). Master Books makes biology homeschool and parent friendly!

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