Grade 2 (Sunrise 2nd Ed.)

Grade 2 Language Arts cover phonics, spelling, word usage, handwriting as well as grammar, capitalization, and punctuation along with numerous miscellaneous skills like alphabetizing. Writing skills include thank-you notes, letters, and stories. The LightUnits Set (10 magazine-size consumable worktexts) provides the instructional/textual material as well as student exercises plus quizzes and tests. The Sunrise 2nd Edition provides full-color illustrations and graphics with 16 lessons per unit. Unit tests are in the middle and can be pulled out. The wraparound, spiral-bound Teacher Guide provides daily lessons that are still fairly detailed at this young level coupled with reduced copies of the student pages. Alternate tests with answers (in case a student needs to retake a test) are also provided in the Teacher Guide.

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Grades: 2
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