MCP Phonics Practice Readers

Similar in concept to the Bob Books, Phonics Practice Readers help students thoroughly learn, practice, and apply phonics. Each series (there are 3 in all, A, B, & C) covers short vowels, long vowels, and blends and digraphs, with difficulty increasing slightly with each series. Each series also has four different levels, which come separately with a teacher's guide and 10 student books. These books each contain four double-sided, very colorful pages, and the stories are interesting to read. A simple sequencing exercise at the back of each book tests for comprehension. My only criticism of this product is that I felt that the increase in difficulty from series to series is not significant. While these books might be very helpful for K-1, it seems like it would be a stretch to use these for 3rd grade, unless you have a "late bloomer." A Teacher's Guide is included with each set, offering a scope and sequence, questions for discussions, and a few teaching tips. ~ Rachel P.

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