Student & Teacher Books (Jolly Phonics)

Jolly Phonics materials target different ages but the actual instructional content is ordered the same for each group utilizing seven letter sound groupings. The spiral nature of the components provides interesting options. You can begin at any of the age levels. Instruction builds within a level, but the next level also reviews all concepts and expands so you won’t miss any content.

To make it easy to get started, Rainbow Resource has packages for each age/grade level. These packages include the Jolly Phonics instructional materials most appropriate to that level. Please note there is overlap in some materials between the packages. The media-based items (DVD and/or Songs Book/CD) are not always included, but there is a media package so you can add these items to an older grade level package if desired.

PK (ages 3+) The Jolly Phonics at Home package includes the Stories Board Book, Activity Books 1-7, Letter Sound Poster, DVD, Songs Book/CD, and pencils/eraser packaged into a sturdy, zippered water-repellent case with a soft, plush snake that serves as a handle.

K4 (ages 4+) The Jolly Phonics K4 Package includes Finger Phonics Set, the Workbooks Set, and the Level 0 Decodable Readers Set, plus the DVD.

K-1 (ages 5+) The core instruction at this level is found in the Teacher & Student Books plus the reading practice from the Decodable Readers. The three Student Books each feature all 42 letter sounds and are used for reinforcement and further skill development. They cover letter formation, listening for letter sounds in words, blending activities, and tricky words. The books build on each other; each introducing more tricky words as well as sound spellings and spelling patterns and even basic sentence structure. The Teacher Book provides detailed lesson plans for each page of the three Student Books, as well as reduced copies of those student pages.

There are two sets available for these ages. The Student/Teacher Books Kit provides just the core phonics instruction of the Student Books and Teacher Book. The Jolly Phonics Starter Set includes the Student/Teacher Books plus the Levels 1 & 2 Decodable Readers. Also included in this kit are the Phonics Word Book, the Jolly Dictionary, and the Blend Wheels.

Neither of these sets include the DVD or Songs Book/CD but these can easily be added with the Jolly Phonics Media Set.

K4, K-1 (ages 3+ and 4+)Providing all the materials from the K4 package, the Starter Set, and the Media Set, the Jolly Phonics Combo Set provides Finger Phonics Books 1-7, Workbooks 1-7, Student Books 1-3, Teacher Book, Decodable Readers Levels 0, 1, & 2, DVD, Word Book, Jolly Dictionary, and Blend Wheels.

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