Colonial America Series

Life changes from age to age - sometimes for the better, sometimes not so. One thing that does remain constant, though, is our fascination with how people lived in various eras from the past. This historically accurate series might just quench your thirst for life in Colonial America. With stories set at different locations throughout the colonies, readers get a unique view of both home and daily life, and travels to and fro - spanning the years from about 1606 to 1681. These first person narratives - from the point of view of the 10-13 year old main characters - use a very conversational tone to draw readers in to the experience of trading with Indians, surviving deadly epidemics, building towns from the ground up, eating new kinds of food, and many other aspects of colonial living. Chapters are not usually more than 2-3 pages and are illustrated with black-and-white drawings. 115-120 pgs, pb. - Zach

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