American Girls Lapbooks

Students will love making booklets on topics from their favorite American girl stories! Topics include family, life in their time period, and specifics incidents from the life of each girl. The teacher pages give answers to questions that come up along the way and also have links to more resources you may want to use. It is a good follow up activity if your child has read the book, or make a lapbook as you read the book together. Here is a chance to add to a history study or encourage your child to be curious about American history.

You can buy the lapbooks in three different formats. CD-ROMS provide .pdf files so you can print out and assemble all of the pieces for the lapbooks. These are a good choice for more than one student, but you'll need to provide the paper (colored, if you wish) and file folders. Pre-printed booklets contain all of the lapbook piece printouts to cut out and assemble one lapbook. If file folders are hard to get ahold of, tag stock of tag board can be used as a substitute. Pre-assembled lapbooks are just that - all you have to do is fill them in! ~ Sara

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