Foxe's Book of Martyrs

It was John Foxe's desire to share the testimonies of martyrs from aroundthe world with the church so that we could be blessed and encouraged by theirdevotion to Christ. His first book was published in 1563 and was well-known forgloriously covering martyrs from the days of Christ to the Reformation. Sincethat time however, many more Christians have given their life for Christ andthis book does a marvelous job at staying true to the original purpose andquality of the work, while adding more contemporary examples of Christianmartyrs. This 475 page, leather-bound volume contains hundreds of biographiesof both men and women from the year 33 A.D. to the present day. Each biographyoutlines the known facts of each martyr's life and ministry, and the detailsof their deaths are kept free from any unnecessary gory details. Thebiographies are categorized into four parts, "Martyrs of the FirstCentury," "Martyrs from the Second Century to the Twentieth Century,"Modern Martyrs in the Twenty-first Century," and "Persecution Survey,"which covers the years 2000-2006 and outlines the persecution that is occurringthroughout different parts of the world even today. This book is inspiring tosay the least. An unabridged audio CD is also available if you'd ratherlisten to the moving stories (perfect for the car or at home); it is narratedby Nadia May and runs 17.5 hours. - elise

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