Air Burst Rockets

So, the kids are wanting to put together one of those nice rocket kits and get some NASA action going on in the backyard, and let me guess... you're not too wild about them (or dad!) firing off a "real" rocket. Or maybe you just don't have enough room to safely launch a rocket. Well, good news for both of you. The Air Burst Rocket System requires no rocket engines, no explosive materials, no expensive refill materials, but it flies just as high as many other comparative "real" rockets. How? Air pressure! The Air Burst Rocket System contains a launch pad, membrane boosters, and a rocket. Simply pump up the rocket with a regular bicycle pump as much as you can, then set it off. The strength of the membrane booster used in the rocket determines the altitude the rocket reaches, but it stays competitive with traditional rocket kits by reaching a maximum of about 300 ft. Made of sturdy plastic, the Air Burst rocket should last threw many, many launchings, but just in case, we offer refills of both the rockets and the boosters. - Jess

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