PraiseMoves DVDs

When Laurette Willis discovered yoga, she was hooked, and for the next 20 years, she pursued a path which led her further into metaphysics and the New Age movement. When she became a Christian, she looked back at the yoga she had practiced and realized that it was incompatible with her new beliefs. She now labels yoga "the missionary arm of Hinduism and the New Age movement," ensnaring people with its innocent guise. Recognizing both that yoga is a terrific exercise for people of all ages and that it is conducive to worship, she developed PraiseMoves, which takes yoga moves and transforms them into Christian worship and exercise. Personally, I think it's a great idea. I have taken yoga classes at the Peoria park district over the years, and have definitely seen the benefits - for someone who is not naturally flexible, I considered it quite an achievement to be able to bend over and flatten my palms on the ground! In both of the DVDs below, Laurette shares her journey, and explains the PraiseMoves program. She uses many renamed yoga moves ("the plank" becomes "The Altar" and "downward dog" becomes "The Tent") and adds Bible verses and upbeat music to turn your thoughts to praise. Because we have had several requests over the years for family-friendly exercises DVDs, I thought this one might fit the bill. It's slow-paced so children can join in, and as you might expect, the workout clothes used are all very modest. PraiseMoves includes a 60-minute and a 20-minute workout, while 20 Minute PraiseMoves features three 20-Minute workouts for people short on time. Booklets are included in each DVD as a reference for the moves. If you've been leery to try yoga, but are curious about the benefits, these routines are easy for beginners to learn and successfully combine exercise with a worshipful attitude. - Jess

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