Giants of Science Series

These biographies tell about famous scientists in a way that makes readerssee them as real people while still highlighting their remarkable talents andaccomplishments. Short chapters are perfect for younger readers and black andwhite sketches are sprinkled throughout. The text is very readable andcaptivating, interspersing personal details about each figure's life withtheir scientific careers. Students will feel as though they know the scientistwhen they are finished. Please note that the author was fairly detailed whensharing about each figure's life and these biographies include some detailsoften left out of biographies for this age group; for example, Newton'sbitterness against other scientists and his attempts to predict the future frompassages in the Bible. Though covering what some may consider questionablepersonal items, the books nonetheless give a thorough look at these importantfigures and point out their immense impact on the field of science. By popularauthor Kathleen Krull, about 126-140 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

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