Legends/Lessons of King Arthur and His Court

The legends of King Arthur have not lost their appeal down through the centuries. Perhaps it's the Knights of the Round Table; perhaps it's the sword in the stone; perhaps it's the chivalry and valor. Does chivalry still have a place in the 21st century? The author believes so if its foundation is in Christian character. This book and study guide are real gems used as either a 10-week mini unit study or as a supplement to medieval history. The Legends of King Arthur and His Court is based on a 1908 rendition of the King Arthur legends. There are scores of Arthurian legends out there, sometimes containing disturbing elements. This version follows the noble style set forth by Alfred Lord Tennyson, who emphasized chivalry. In this text the knights' words are actual lines from Tennyson. Ten stories span Arthur's life: being crowned king, marrying Guinevere, creating the Knights of the Round Table, chasing the holy grail, etc.

The Lessons of King Arthur Study Guide provides a lesson for each book chapter and helps students dig in to the stories but also the principles of good character, with Biblical support. Students read a book chapter and then respond to the questions, do vocabulary work, write, draw, research, complete an activity and keep a notebook of their work. Students are asked thought-provoking questions about characters' behaviors and also about their own character in comparison. Vocabulary and answers are provided for teacher assistance, but a percentage of questions request the student's own input (answers will vary). In addition, students will research story-related aspects: a quest, night constellations, the holy grail, etc. Directions for an oral presentation and hosting a Medieval Tournament are also included. When students are asked to write or draw, pages with large Celtic-style borders are provided. Answer Key is located in the back. Written by a homeschool mom and son team, Shelley and Jacob Noonan. Consumable and non-reproducible. Legends is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 92 pp, sc. Lessons is 8 1/2" x 11, 96 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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