Mastering the World of Telling Time

The Master Clock is a clock face with three hands (hours, minutes and seconds) and three clear, plastic overlays that mark the clock face with hours, minutes, and seconds. The clock is geared so that moving the minute hand also progresses the hour hand. In fact, the hour hand cannot be moved independently, to reinforce the concept that hours are composed of minutes. The hands of the clock may be removed and used in any combination. Two dials atop the clock allow you to set the corresponding analog time above the clock face (hours and minutes only). This clock allows you to present an "uncluttered" clock face to children just learning to tell time. A larger version, designed for teacher demonstrations is also available (#34721).

The corresponding workbook begins with an interesting history of time, followed by two clock-building activities (sand clock and water clock). Teaching worksheets begin with event sequencing, then familiarizing students with the Master Clock manipulative, then focusing on perceptions of time. After these preliminary exercises there is more typical time instruction, beginning with hours, then minutes. After children have mastered time to the minute, time to the second is covered. Half hours and quarter hours follow, along with AM and PM designations. The last several activities are about schedules and scheduling, which show students how all this new-found knowledge can be used. At the end of the book there's a bibliography of children's books about time, teaching suggestions and an answer key. While either of these items may be used without the other, they do make a nice set!

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