Super Star Games of Math

Often, students need quite a bit of drilling in math concepts, but flashcards can be so incredibly boring and interest is lost. This software alleviates that problem buy presenting drills in a computer game format. There are different levels of play (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), so the software works on a range of skill levels. Students select the level, finish a practice session to work on specific math problems, and then build on skills while playing challenging games. The games all have sporty themes to them, like baseball, bowling, hurdles, karate, etc., but basically, they're just various math drills where students solve equations, drag correct answers to problems on the screen, etc. Each game has 11 levels of play and the object is to earn a gold star at each level - the game tracks your stars so you can record your progress. With colorful graphics and animations, these games are much more exciting than flash cards. See individual descriptions for the topics covered on the specific CD-ROMs. System requirements: Windows: 7 (32/64 bit)/Vista/XP/2000(SP4), 300 MHz or faster processor, 64 MB RAM; Mac: OS X version 10.3 or later, Universal for Intel or PowerPC, 500 MHz or faster processor, 128 MB RAM.

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