I Love Hands-On Math

Strongly visual workbooks with winsome manga-style characters take students through all of the standards at each grade level. They cover all 15 content strands in each of the two sections (one per semester). Strand-units vary in length and are subdivided into half-page "bites" of instruction, making these perfect to use for daily review and reinforcement. With 75 pages of instruction, that would provide 150 days of systematic, self-directed learning. Each unit ends with an assessment page covering material just in that unit. In the introduction, the author says these are "meant to be practical in focus, thorough in coverage, rigorous in learning and fun for the students." I think she has succeeded remarkably on all counts. The books are inviting, colorful, and friendly, but not cluttered. All of the concepts that would be learned at the respective grade levels are here. The instruction is great - highly visual and well organized. Your child should need very little help from you to complete them. They remind me of Developmental Math meets Singapore Math because of their presentation and conciseness. I appreciate the approach that both concentrates on a single topic at a time, but goes through each strand again, at a more advanced level, in the second half. I also like the bite-sized skill presentation and knowing that, in a few minutes a day, students will go through all of the standards for their grade. This allows us to use more creative math approaches or unit studies without worrying about missing anything in math. They would also work well for remediation or summer learning course for extra practice. Another nice feature is the incorporation of hands-on activities in the books (hence the

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