Language Lessons for a Living Education

Self-described as Charlotte Mason-flavored, this language arts curriculum (with reading, grammar, vocabulary, composition and handwriting practice) pulses with a Biblical emphasis (NASB). With each lesson, students read a continuing story about friends Micah and Claire and their Sunday School experiences, alternating every other week with an age-appropriate literature selection. Each week follows a similar pattern of 20-30-minute activities. For example: Day 1, read story; Days 2-3, learn language arts skills; Day 4, respond to literature; Day 5 spelling/vocabulary. Quarterly reviews of skills help monitor progress, and the fourth quarter is designed for review. Streamlined, these worktexts combine student and teacher material; youll find just-enough teacher direction highlighted throughout, additional direction in the front matter and in the Teachers Aid section (about 100 pgs). This section includes such things as dictionary pages to copy, optional learning games, spelling practice ideas, copywork practice, and grammar study sheets. Recommended reading lists are included, but all levels require Favorite Stories from the Bible.

Master Books recommends beginning this series after Foundations Phonics and Basic Language Skills. However, to select a starting place, the general expectation is that the students skills should be comfortably at grade level (in reading, writing, and handwriting).

Starting with Level 2, students are introduced to punctuation, grammar, and writing. They will learn about nouns, compound words, subjects/predicates, possessive nouns, combining sentences, commas, interjections, action verbs, homophones, synonyms/antonyms, and specific verbs such as be, has, and see as well as pronouns like this and that. Students memorize verses from 1 Corinthians 13 (alongside Micah and Claire). Activities emphasize developing early reading, narration, and observations skills through such activities as picture study, creating stories, and handwriting practice.

Level 3 further strengthens previous reading, observation, and communication skills and begins writing paragraphs. Students will narrate, copy, and memorize Scripture. Sketching pictures to develop coordination and observation is included weekly. Each quarter, reviews cover punctuation, grammar, and writing (2) and spelling (1).

Level 4 strengthens skills from previous levels, focusing on independent reading and writing sentences and paragraphs, while adding study in noun types, verb tenses, and mechanics. Students work on reading comprehension in poetry, Scripture, hymns, and stories. Additional copywork, games, and activities are included to tailor to your student.

Level 5 - While continuing to develop the skills presented in previous levels, students will practice sentence combining, descriptive and story writing, sequencing, pronouns, antecedents, compound sentences, subjects and predicates. They will also learn additional spelling rules for special vowels and consonant patterns, as well as spelling exceptions and tricky words.

All of the levels in the series are non-reproducible (unless otherwise indicated), consumable, and 3-hole punched. Approx. 400+ pgs, pb. ~ Ruth

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