Instant Reading Comprehension Practice

Each of these Teacher Created Resources' workbooks provides over 240 fiction and nonfiction quick reading activities for 2-6th grade students to practice the following comprehension skills: locating the main idea; finding cause and effect; noting details; using context clues; identifying facts and opinions; making inferences; sequencing; and predicting outcomes. Each page's activity is printed in black and white and is easily completed in a few minutes (just a couple to a handful of questions). Purchase of these books allows access to TCRs' Tapsponder service. This feature provides the flexibility and convenience of digital access: assign the lessons in the book and this service grades them in real time and records grades for a classroom of students. Correlates to CCS standards. Includes an answer key and a CCS Correlations sheet to increase ease of finding just the right worksheet. Consumable with perforated pages; reproducible for single classroom only. Approx. 144 pp, 8.5" x 11", sc. ~ Ruth

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