Spotlight on Revising and Editing

These supplemental resources offer students practice in revising and editingshort compositions. There are approximately a dozen lessons (my sample copy had13), and each one consists of a short writing (essay, report, narrative, etc.)followed by several multiple choice questions to help students maximize thereadability of the writing. These questions may ask about how to best combinesentences, if certain sentences support the topic, if any changes in mechanicsneed to be made to a sentence, how an awkward sentence could best be rewritten,and other relevant questions. A few sample lessons in the beginning of the bookclearly show and explain how to complete each lesson so students are totallycomfortable with the concepts before they begin. A bubble answer form for allof the lessons is included in the back of each book. The books are thin withpaper covers; approximately 45 pgs. The teacher's guides include the answersas well as several other teacher helps such as a suggested schedule, scope andsequence, research summary, and student/teacher assessments. - Melissa

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