Language Fundamentals

Whether you're looking for more student practice with pronouns or punctuation, this substantial series from Evan-Moor has got you covered. Each 240-page book contains a series of worksheets on a grammar topic with periodic reviews and editing too! Nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, sentences, capitalization, abbreviations, punctuation, usage, vocabulary and sentence editing are covered at all grades, with age-appropriate exercises to complete. Within each topical section, worksheets progress in difficulty from introducing the grammatical concept to more complex rules. For example, the section on verbs begins with two sheets on identifying verbs and continues with activities on action verbs, linking verbs, verb tenses, irregular verbs, and subject-verb agreement. Each worksheet contains one activity to complete, whether it is circling a part of speech, filling in blanks with the correct form of a word, underlining subjects or rearranging sentences. An outlined box with the corresponding grammar rule and an example is found at the top of each page to provide the student a reminder of the concept. Reviews are provided at least once in every section. These are set up more like a standardized test where students answer multiple choice questions and fill in answer bubbles. The vocabulary section is a nice tie-in to the rest of the grammar topics and covers prefixes, suffixes, contractions, synonyms/antonyms, homophones, compound words, and determining word meanings from root words or context. One editing exercise is also provided for each grammar topic covered. In Grades 1-3, students edit sentences, while Grades 4-6 have students edit paragraphs. These exercises usually consist of sentences or paragraphs to correct and ask the student to either rewrite the sentences of paragraphs correctly, to proofread using the correct marks, or to locate and list the errors in the examples. If you are using Daily Language Review (or any other daily grammar skill-builder with varied activities), Language Fundamentals is a great companion. Just determine what areas your child is struggling with in the daily review and then assign worksheets on that topic from Language Fundamentals. Reproducible, answers included. - Jess

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