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These two journals provide prompts and recording space for responses in small (8"x6"), spiral-bound format. Binding is at the top, with pages wider than long. Both journals have a place for your child to record his/her name, age, date begun, and date finished. There are about 96 double-sided journal/prompt pages (for 192 days of journaling) inside each. Every page has a place to record the day's date - so feel free to skip around. Most are ruled for writing, but many have blank, framed space for more artistic responses (like drawing a picture of your family or a map of a backyard you would design). Most of the prompts reflect on the child's family, experiences, thoughts, activities, etc. The journals are intended as keepsakes, for children to look back at later and remember what it was like "back then". If you like your children to write a small amount each day, these would be dual-purpose books; for recording future memories and having a ready writing assignment. You can use each journal over the course of several years. A suggestion: if your child needs more space than the lines on a page, slap a couple of lined Post-It® s to add another "page" for recording - they're just about perfectly-sized for this!

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Grades: 3-8
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