Exploring Creation with Earth Science

This science study takes students on a journey into this wonderful planet we call home. From the galaxies above to the depths of the seas, children will learn more about the world around them, and the awesome God who created it! Filled with hands-on activities, this course offers fourteen modules teaching children about our observable universe, the atmosphere, hydrosphere, climate and weather, life cycle and so much more! One of the simpler activities that I absolutely love in this course is how children are shown what a frame of reference is, and how it appears that they are always in the center, even if they truly are not. What a life lesson for all of us! Other activities include making expanding universe thinking putty and creating a globe to map through their study. Written by Rachel Yunis, the co-author of the 2nd edition of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology. An excellent addition to the elementary line-up, providing homeschool families more options in their pursuit of a God-centered study of science. Hardcover. ~Deanne

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