Rainbow Fractions

Fractions can be such a stumper for some learners! Making them colorful and useable goes a long way towards retention. This is a subject where novelty works, getting off the paper and placing something into their hands. Fraction Circles Demo Clings includes 51 pcs in 9 colors to make variations of a 7.5” circle. Tiles Demo Clings visually show fraction equivalences in rectangular bar form. They cling to any flat surface, can be used multiple times, and store well. Make cooking a lesson in fractions too! Measuring Cups (4pc and 9pc) with storage container includes actual scoops in the shapes of the fractions, helping children understand the relationships between quantities. The cup part is clear, while handles are in rainbow colors. Liquid Measuring Cups is a set of 4 beakers in bright colors with fraction markings on the side. These are helpful when teaching volume. Measuring Spoons set of 4, has the bowl of the spoons in clear fraction shapes with colorful handles.

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