Whizizzle Phonics Games

Game play is simple, but inherently reinforcing. Card games play much like Uno; players get 7 cards, there are discard and draw piles, players must match a beginning, middle or ending sound to the card on the discard pile. You must also say the word on the card and the sound you are matching; for example, if you play 'cat' on the 'hat' card, you must say "cat" and the short 'a' sound. If you cannot play a card, you must draw only one card. If you still can't play, play moves to the next person. There are different action cards in the deck that tell you to draw another card, skip the next player, turn play direction around, and a WILD Change the Vowel card that allows you to both change the vowel sound and play a card. It's a fairly ingenious and fun way to practice consonant and vowel sounds and think about beginning, medial, and ending sounds in words. The action cards and element of chance keep play lively and unpredictable; winning doesn't just depend on how well you can read, making multi-age play more fun. And, kids get a lot of painless decoding/reading practice in the process. Each game deck focuses on a different phonics skill: Game 1, short vowel sounds in CVC words; Game 2, long vowel sounds and silent 'e'; Game 3, beginning blends; Game 4, ending blends; Game 5, vowel pairs and 'y'; Game 6, consonant digraphs. There are 3 Game decks in each set. For even more exciting play, just mix two or more decks together!

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