Wheatley Portfolio: Common Core Curriculum English

If meeting common core standards is your concern, this portfolio can serve as a map to help you plan your English/Language Arts (ELA). It isn't a complete curriculum, but is a tool to help you implement common core in a text rich format. Named for Phyllis Wheatley, the poet, who believed that, "reading, writing, and knowledge of great literature should be the possession of every child in America."

Each portfolio is divided by grade level, with six units per grade. Each unit contains an overview, essential question, focus standards, suggested objectives, suggested works, art/music/media that reflect the theme of the unit, sample activities and assessments, reading foundations for K-2, additional online resources, terminology, interdisciplinary connections, and one sample lesson per unit. The front of each book explains the content and use of the resource along with a pacing guide for reading instruction. Within each unit you will find a checklist for the standards met, along with the content mentioned previously. 'Suggested Works' is a list of suggested reading for each unit and includes literary texts, picture books, poems, informational texts (nonfiction), and examples from the areas of art/music/media. Sometimes this is a very lengthy list. Use the 'Sample Activities and Assessments' to meet specific standards in all areas of ELA, and you can adapt them as needed. The 'Sample Lesson' can serve as a model for the parent/teacher to write their own lessons and include necessary elements. A 'Sample Text Study' is found at the back of each portfolio - a model for doing text studies on any of the suggested books found in this resource.

As I mentioned before, this isn't a complete curriculum. This is a resource to help guide you through the maze of common core standards in the areas of reading, writing, and knowledge of great literature. This isn't a systematic phonics, spelling, or grammar presentation; although, mentioned in the standards and objectives, you will need to use other resources to teach these concepts. These are softcover resource books and number of pages vary - K-5 is 440 pages, 6-8 is 245 pages, and 9-12 is 311 pages.

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