These DVDs are a great way to help students prepare for the SAT in a thorough but low-stress way. The DVDs take students through the test and break it down so they know exactly what to expect. Instruction is given in a laid-back manner, with fun adults sharing the information in lounge-like settings followed up by an on-screen informational outline with a voice-over. The DVDs break the test up into sections and then give tips and hints about the best way to approach each section. Test layout is explained, along with how much time you get for each section, how the test is scored, tips on which questions to spend more time on, tips for good guessing, detailed time-management guidelines, and specific techniques to do well in each section. After each section of the DVD, a review is provided. As if that wasn’t enough to keep the information in students’ minds, there are also Quick Quizzes after each section. A few questions will be flashed across the screen with multiple choice answers for students to choose from. The DVD pauses to give students time to think, and then the answers are given. This will further help familiarize students with the format and content.

Math is about 115 minutes long and includes information on how to avoid classic math traps and tricky questions and how to get the most out of your calculator during the test. It provides general review of math topics usually found on the test, including decimal problems, mode and median, algebra, geometry, ratios and square roots, quadratic equations, perimeter, and area. Critical Reading and Writing is about 90 minutes long and spends 55 minutes on reading and 35 minutes on writing. It provides critical reading techniques that will assure students get the correct answer without spending too much time reading and provides easy to follow writing strategies for the essay section. Vocabulary tips are also provided. Specifically, it focuses on Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes that are commonly seen in the words on the test. Though the speakers are sometimes a little cheesy, they present the information in a fun and entertaining way. The DVD menus allow students to skip to different segments of the DVD to review different sections of the test. Overall, the DVDs will be a great help in preparing your students for the new SAT. Available individually or in a set of two. Rachel

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