See-N-Read Reading Tools

The idea behind this reading tool is a bit different than others we carry. We already have colored reading strips which allow readers to read through a color which in turn should make letters sharper and easier to read, but the See-N-Read is a research-based reading tool which helps readers concentrate on the text while tracking and transitioning between lines. The color of this strip is gray because it is a non-distracting color, and a reading window allows the reader to focus without losing their place. The reader exerts less mental effort keeping the place which allows for better concentration on the content. All this research resulted in a unique design and the grant of a U.S. patent on this product.

The Memory Mark is identical to the See-N-Read with one exception. The viewing window is cut out so that the reader can actually highlight or mark key points in the reading. What a great study tool.

Use the smaller book size (which measures 5½" x 3") with smaller books, while the larger document size (which measures 8½" x 3") is great for textbooks. This tool isn't just for young students; it has been tested on groups of senior citizens who struggle with focus and reading. I gave one of the book size tools to my mom and she tells me that it really does work!

The Color Tag Study Recall System uses the idea behind the Memory Mark and broadens the application. Using a handy prompt card with reminder questions that help the student identify the main idea, supporting detail, and "interesting, but not essential" information, the student then marks the material through the Memory Mark with a three-color highlighter. It's a multi-sensory system that actively engages the reader. ~ Donna

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