Patriotic Penmanship

Do your children need more handwriting practice, but you want to avoid the 'fluff' that traditional practice workbooks offer? Through handwriting practice, we have a magnificent opportunity to introduce children to hymns, Scripture verses, and quotes of the great Patriots who formed our nation. Each book in this series holds 30 lessons that familiarize children with worthy words throughout U.S. history. To give you an idea of the type used, one of the 2nd grade book quotations is "Rely on our dear Saviour." (Andrew Jackson) and the high school book holds excerpts of Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech. In the instance that only part of a quotation is used for penmanship practice, the rest is found at the top of the page, allowing children to learn the context.

This series contains letter formation overview without complete instruction. The Kindergarten book provides tracing practice, introductory vowel and consonant sounds and then puts them together for beginning reading practice. For example: the b is introduced, then vowel sounds ba, be, bi, bo and bu. Then beginning words like bad, bat, bet, beg, etc. Elementary books (grades 1-2) are designed to reinforce manuscript practice, while grades 3 and up review cursive. The Transition Book offers both manuscript and cursive letters practiced on each page, which allows children to see the relationship between manuscript and cursive letters. It is recommended for grades 2 and up. All books contain lines with dotted centers through grade 6, with the Jr and Sr High books feint-ruled. Line width varies and gradually decreases: 7/16" in 1st grade; 3/8" in grades 2-3; 5/16" in grades 4-5; and 1/4" in the 6th grade Jr., and Sr. High books. Books are formatted similarly and provide a review of letters and key words before sentences are traced and in preparation for the full quotation. In the printing books, the handwriting style is similar to Modern/D'Nealian and a modified Traditional in the Cursive Books. The grade 6 Enlarged Script edition contains the same passages as the 6th grade book, but uses a larger font and slightly wider lines (5/16" compared to 1/4"). Additionally, review pages are included and provide more practice for each lesson. At the upper levels, there are two books available. Book II offers shorter quotations, larger font and slightly wider line spacing. (5/16"). This also includes ten additional lessons and review pages for each lesson. It is not necessary to begin with the original book at this level. If you feel your child needs larger font, shorter passages and more practice, the Book II at the Jr. and Sr. High levels may be the best place to begin. A wonderful opportunity for handwriting practice with purpose! Also available, on our website, are review books for children needing additional writing practice. Non-reproducible, 62-82 pgs. pb. ~ Deanne

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