Daily Warm-Ups SAT Prep

Each of these booklets includes 180 questions to prepare students for the SAT. Questions are given in the same multiple-choice format as the test and are quick and easy to answer. Completing a question every day is a great way for students to prepare themselves for the test, and it only takes a few minutes out of the schoolday. The essay prompts in the Reading and Writing book are an exception, as they should take longer to write out. The Reading and Writing book provides 30 essay prompts, 10 vocabulary-in-context questions, 30 sentence completion exercises, 30 passage-based reading drills, 30 identifying sentence errors, 30 improving sentences, and 20 improving paragraphs. The Math book provides 45 questions regarding numbers and operations, 45 questions about algebra and functions, 45 questions on geometry and measurement, and 45 questions testing data analysis, statistics, and probability. To help overcome some common confusion with number-related answering, the Math book provides response grids so students can practice filling in numbered ovals. This provides a quick but effective way to prepare students for the SAT. Each book has an answer key in back. Books are reproducible, 184 pgs, pb. Rachel

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Grades: 9-12
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