Sewing & Growing Devotional Accompaniment Series

These slim devotional books were created to accompany the books in the Stitches & Pins series. Each devotional corresponds to a different book in the series, seamlessly incorporating devotionals into the sewing lessons. For example, one of the first lessons in Sewing & Growing with God's Word uses the sewing machine's light as an example of God's light. As children become acquainted with using this light, they will also be reminded of the light we are to be to others. Each page in the devotionals includes a notation of the lesson it accompanies from the appropriate book, a short devotional, a memory verse, and an extension project to the devotional (there are no projects given in the devotional for Catch the Sewing Bug). Black and white, digest-sized, approximately 50 pgs, pb. - Melissa

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Grades: 6-AD
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