Christian Light Language Arts

A traditional language arts series that provides grade appropriate instruction in phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar (including diagramming), word usage, penmanship, dictionary/library skills, all forms of composition (formal and creative), book reports, literature analysis, and poetry over the course of the series. Thorough and comprehensive in terms of coverage, user-friendliness is fundamental to the series, which allows the student to work independently except in the early elementary grade levels. Teacher oversight is expected but made easy by teacher materials that provide answers, grading rubrics, and lesson plans (amount of detail declines with grade level). Student materials are attractive and offer color highlights with some illustrations. The new Sunrise 2nd Edition offers full-color illustrations with instruction sequences in color-shaded boxes. All content reflects a conservative Christian viewpoint. Course components vary a bit with grade level but always include sets of ten magazine-size, consumable student worktexts (LightUnits) coupled with teacher materials. Quizzes and unit tests are part of each LightUnit.

The LightUnits Set for every course includes provides the instructional/textual material as well as space for the student exercises plus quizzes and tests. There are 14-17 lessons per unit that include two quizzes and one unit test. Unit tests are in the middle and can be pulled out. There are grade level appropriate helps in the back of the units (for example, a penmanship chart, spelling bookmarks, a glossary, and a grammar reference). Teacher Materials vary with the edition and grade level but, in general, provide daily lessons, answers, lesson plans, alternate tests, and grading helps.

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