Summer Big Fun Workbooks

“Summer” and “Fun” belong together in a sentence, but add in the word “workbook” and it becomes suspicious. Never fear, however, for Highlights knows how to deliver appealing, engaging learning. Packed with activities, these books are designed to review skills from one grade level in order that students can confidently move on to the next challenge. The workbooks are colorful and the artwork is appealing, and the activities are varied with just enough challenge and a good dose of fun to keep your summer student engaged. The eight chapters (one per week) are color-coded with each providing reading, writing, math, and thinking skills exercises that include puzzles, mazes, hidden pictures, and jokes. Each chapter concludes with a bonus activity such as a recipe, craft or science project. Progress through the book is recorded on a colorful poster (24”x 11”) tucked into the back of the book, with completion of each chapter marked by a sticker. Just to keep things interesting (and because it’s what Highlights is known for) there are 20 magnifying glasses hidden in each poster. When found, there’s a sticker to mark the spot. Sixteen emoji stickers are also provided for. . . well, just for fun. Your young, preparing-for-the-next-grade scholar receives a Congratulations! certificate when the book is completed. A complete answer key is provided. Oh, and the pages all have rounded corners (they’ve thought of it all!) Although there is no mention in the books themselves, the cover notes “online activities.” You might want to check out the interactive website for kids with puzzles, games, mazes, etc. at 145 pgs, pb.

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